Please respect the following practical matters.


The Schildersbuurt has a paid parking zone. On Sundays and Wednesday evenings after 6.00 pm parking is free. Please use the bicycle racks in the street to park your bike.


The steel fence to enter the side entrance will close a few minutes before class starts. So please be on time! Arrive 10 minutes earlier to the class  when you visit the studio for the first time. Please take off your shoes at the door and hang up your coat. Wear comfortable clothes or use the locker room to change clothes. Only take the necessary what you need during class to the yoga room. So no mobile phones. This keeps the yoga room quiet and gives the teacher space to walk around to give the students adjustments. Please keep silence in the yoga room before the class starts.


Yoga opens your senses and therefore, the smell can be disruptive to other people. Therefore please avoid wearing perfume and heavy deodorant. Make sure you have showered before class and wear clean clothing. Mats are available in the studio. Did you sweat? Use your own towel to wipe your sweat. Spray bottles and clothes are available to wipe off the mat after class.

Eating and drinking

Practice yoga on an empty stomach. Eat you meal well in advance (3 hours). It is perfectly fine to bring a bottle of water to the yoga class for whenever you get thirsty during class, however, it is better to drink enough water during the day, so that drinking water during your practice will not be necessary. Eat well in advance (2-3 hours) or otherwise, eat a light meal. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea after class. Please rinse your cup after using tea.