Claire Hilbers – Remedial Massage Therapy and Individual Pilates Sessions

Claire massage pilatesRemedial Massage Therapy is the treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.  Massage can help to reduce pain and restore function.  It also supports and accelerates the body’s own ability to heal. Massage is applied directly to the skin usually using oil.  Stretching and moving the joints through their range of motion may be included in the treatment. Apart from making you feel great, there are many benefits of massage that can improve your quality of life.  During your first consultation Claire will go through your health history and examine you to determine likely causes for the pain or dysfunction.

Claire is equally skilled in relaxation massage which increases circulation, improves immunity and reduces stress.

Claire is also taking appointments for Individual Pilates sessions.  She uses Pilates exercises to manage pain and prevent injuries. Sessions include a postural assessment and a personalized Pilates exercise program.

To make an appointment call: 06 13972685 

Massage Therapy

60 minutes


30 minutes




60 minutes €45,-