Flow yoga classes

icoontje-halo Suitable for people who choose to take it easy.
Suitable class to step in for beginners.
icoontje-zweet-02 Suitable for people with yoga experience.

Ashtanga yoga icoontje-zweet-02

In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga a fixed series of postures are performed on the pace of the ujjayi breath (breath of victory). Are you in for an intensive workout and you like to work hard? Then Ashtanga yoga will appeal to you. In addition to the physical workout, the moving meditation “flow” of Ashtanga yoga you will be put you through mental processes, which make you stronger and more balanced.

Easy Flow yoga

Postures are performed in smooth succession supported by your breath (ujjayi). Options are provided to make the class accessible and challenging for everyone. In every class there is a thema, both physical as philosophical. This class is suitable for beginners.

Slow Flow yoga icoontje-halo 

In these gentle yoga classes, options are provided for people who suffer from injuries. Besides that we take it slow so that people who lost their youthful speed and balance are able to follow and are able to age in a healthy way. Each lesson ends with a wonderful relaxation/meditation.

Vinyasa yoga icoontje-zweet-02

Vinyasa means linking breath and movement and is also the name for the specific combination of movements that are performed as a transition between the poses. Every class has a different sequence. Be prepared for a dynamic lesson with an intense “flow” experience and a solid workout. Rock that Flow!