Inspiration Alice in Wonderland

rabbit and AliceAlice is my inspiration for the interior design of this new yoga center.
You can tell from the use of colors and surrealism.
The content related to yoga is: the way we look influences our way of thinking.
If we learn how to look different we can learn to think different.
So lets go stand on our heads!

The vicious circle
If I keep looking

the way I’ve always looked,
I keep thinking
the way I’ve always thought.

If I keep thinking
the way I’ve always thought,
I continue to believe
what I have always believed.

If I continue to believe
what I’ve always believed,
I continue to do things
the way I’ve always done.

If I continue to do things
the way I’ve always done,
everything that always happens to me
will keep happening to me.

But if I close my eyes now
and feel my true self inside
I can step out of this vicious circle
and I can always start again.

Author unknown

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