Last week a former classmate from high school challenged me out to participate in a 5 day challenge on Facebook. I would have to place a picture of myself every day of at least 15 years ago and again challenge someone else to do the same. I feel free to reject the challenge and yet it keeps me busy. On one hand, I think it is nice that someone from my past is thinking about a good time we shared together and on the other hand, I don’t enjoy looking back. In addition, I learn of yoga wisdom that we only really live and grow when we stay aware of “the now”. And yet our past is part of who we are today and to let go you sometimes need to go back to an earlier time.

Also in yoga we sometimes go by things too fast. Especially in Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, because we remain only 5 breaths in an asana, which for many people in certain attitudes is already quite long. This week, let’s bring our attention to setting up a posture so that we raise awareness of the building blocks of which each asana exists so we can easily hold a posture for 5 breaths as long as we respect our boundaries. An appropriate rule from the mantra of last week sounds: ‘Believe in yourself and you can discern,
new depths in your life.’ Compare your asana with your life and believe in yourself or have enough self-confidence to accept where you are and where you were. Only when we observe we can accept and visualize and achieve new goals.

I’m curious what I’m about to experience and what I will have to accept when I look back.

Everything that concerns self acceptance, forgiveness and compassion is the heart chakra.
Therefore we will perform yoga poses with heart openers.

Cherish every day that brings you something special.
Even when it’s very small.
That day is precious.
Close it in your heart and take it with you.
On a journey through your life,
in case of doubts, you know which way to choose.
Open your heart, and feel, the way you felt then.
Life is worth living.